Working with Alexandra

I love doing The Work by myself, sitting in the questions as they arise. I equally love being held in The Work by a facilitator and I continue to do this on a regular basis.        click here for a complete list of certified facilitators around the world

Here are some benefits of working with a facilitator:

  • Questions you may have along the way can be answered through the facilitators’ own experience from being in The Work
  • A facilitator shows you how to notice the ways in which the mind attempts to pull you out of inquiry and back into your stressful story.
  • Many times, we can find ourselves overwhelmed with the intensity and complexity of a stressful situation. A facilitator can be of great value in identifying the specific beliefs and concepts that are causing your pain.
  • An experienced facilitator travels with you in inquiry, asking questions that will support you in discovering your own answers and innate wisdom.
  • Having a safe place to fall apart.
  • A facilitator listens deeply and supports you in hearing what you might otherwise miss.

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Investing in Finding You

If cost is a barrier to your participation please contact me and we can talk about what is possible

  • Introductory session: $85 p/hr
  • Single session $140 p/hr
  • Commitment to 5 sessions $120 p/hr
  • Commitment to 10 sessions $95 p/hr (two payment option available)
  • Personal Intensive (several hours over one or more days) can be personalized to suit.